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Updated: Jan 28, 2020

“Hindsight is 20/20” is a somewhat common phrase meaning when one looks back at an event it is much easier to clearly see what would have been the best decision to make at that place in time. While it may seem like it is only a figure of speech there is knowledge to be gained when we put this phrase to use and reflect on past occurrences. Reflection is a powerful tool used by successful leaders for it is when we reflect on a past decision or action we gain wisdom that can be applied to future and similar events.

At the start of the New Year 2020 and the beginning of a new decade we are launching a new leadership development program aimed at sharpening the leadership skills of corporate and business leaders as well as developing executives. 3E Leadership Alliance (3ELA) uses the time tested leadership research and doctrine developed by the United States Army and couples it with experiential learning of Civil War Battlefields as the leadership classroom. In our “Leadership Laboratory” we apply the attributes and competencies from the Army’s Leadership Development Model in a retrospective and reflective approach to the key participants in select civil war battles and analyze their respective actions and decisions on the ground where the decision was made/executed.

An article published in 2016 by Harvard Business Review encourages organizations to get out of the classroom and into the “living laboratory” of leadership development. While we incorporate a variety of learning methods to include classroom, case study, small group discussion, our emphasis is on the civil war battlefield as a leadership laboratory and the military “staff ride” as the methodology for engaging and developing leaders.

The leadership attributes of Character, Presence and Intellect describe the “Being and Knowing” aspects of the Army Leader while the Competencies of Leading, Developing and Presence are what Leaders “Do” on a daily basis. Understanding and practicing these attributes and competencies, coupled with a commitment to lifelong learning, development and self-reflection, will help any leader military or civilian achieve success and reach their full leadership potential. Additionally, throughout our program you will find the attribute of Character appropriately emphasized as it is essential and foundational for successful leadership.

We will be posting on a weekly basis on our Leadership Blog and hope you visit often. Our vision is for 3ELA to become a program of choice for organizations desiring to develop and hone their leadership skills. Our battlefield leadership experience are not a military strategy or military history program. Our focus is on leadership. We believe that leadership is a choice. We hope you choose 3E Leadership Alliance and start or continue your leadership journey with us.

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