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Battlefield Leadership Experience

If you or your organization needs a foundational leadership development program with expansion potential for your organization's executives, contact us. 


If you wish to advance the leadership skills of your emerging and next generation of leaders we have a customizable program that will fit your needs.  

The Battle of Stones River

Just south of Nashville, Tennessee…The Battle of Stones River in Murfreesboro…one of the most strategically important battles in the Western Theater with the highest per capita casualty percentage of of any battle of the Civil War with both sides sustaining a nearly thirty-three percent casualty rate.


"I can never forget, whilst I remember anything, 

that about the end of last year and the beginning of this, 

you gave us a hard-earned victory, 

which, had there been a defeat instead,

the nation could scarcely have lived over." 


                       A. Lincoln letter to Rosecrans - August 1863




On the eve of 1863, two armies met.  Both were desperately seeking a decisive victory.  Both were equally equipped; over 41,000 wore Union Blue and 37,000 wore the Uniform of the Confederate Army.  Only one will claim victory.  Compare and contrast the transactional leadership style of Confederate General Braxton Bragg to the transformational leadership of his opponent Union Major General William Rosecrans. Recognize the impact of Character, or lack thereof, and the lasting impact it can have on an organization.  Gain an understanding behind the meteoric rise and leadership of General Phil Sheridan who will earn his reputation at the “Slaughter Pen” on the first day of the battle.   

The Battle of Chickamagua


Near Chattanooga, Tennessee…The Battle of  Chickamauga would be the largest battle fought in the western theater during the Civil War with over 120,000 Soldiers participating for the North and South.  Only second to the Battle of Gettysburg in number of casualties.  President Abraham Lincoln considered the capture of the crucial transportation hub of Chattanooga as critical as the capture of Richmond Virginia, the capital of the Confederacy.  


        Two days they fought, and evermore

    those days shall stand apart,

         Keynotes of epic Chivalry

     within the Nation’s heart


                      Maurice Thompson Ballad of Chickamauga”

Through a series of skillful and successive maneuvers, Major General Wm S. Rosecrans had driven the Confederate Army of Tennessee from Tullahoma and then from Chattanooga only to suffer an embarrassing defeat by Confederate General Braxton Bragg at Chickamauga. Grasp the key leadership errors that led to the ultimate defeat of the rising star Rosecrans and the Army of the Cumberland at Chickamauga.  Understand the leadership attributes and competencies of the steadfast Virginian Major General George Thomas who would earn the nickname Rock of Chickamauga and prevent the total defeat of the Union Army. Gain an understanding of the leadership faults prevented Braxton Bragg and the Army of Tennessee from capitalizing on the incredible victory.   

Leadership  is a Choice...Choose to Lead!

                  Sample Agenda 2 Day Program                   

Day Two


7:00 -7:50 Coffee and Light Breakfast


7:50 - 8:00  Daily Agenda Review


8:00 AM Movement to Battlefield and Fourth Stop

  • Army Leadership Competency Presence

  • Leadership by Example

  • Synchronizing Efforts vs. Laissez-faire Leadership

  • Cognitive Dissonance


10:30 AM Movement to Stop Five Battlefield

  • Army Leadership Attribute Intellect

  • Establishing Positive Command Climate

  • Empowering Subordinates


11:30 AM Tour Battlefield


12:30 PM Lunch


1:30 PM Movement to Stop Six Battlefield

  • Army Leadership Competency Leads

  • Team Building

  • Morale and  Courage

  • Communicating

  • Leadership Assessment and Application


2:30 PM Leadership Workshop

Leadership Philosophy and Leadership Compass


3:30 PM Reflection at National Cemetery


4:00 PM Departure



60 Days Prior

Preliminary Discussion with Leadership for familiarization of organizational Mission Vision Values and leadership challenges.  Presentation and discussion of program options.


30 Days Prior

Final coordination meeting and confirmation of program options



Day One

7:00 -7:50 Coffee and Light Breakfast


7:50 - 8:00 Introductions and Agenda


8:00 AM Presentation and Discussion of Leadership Assessment Tool


9:00 AM Introduction to Army Leadership Model


10:00 AM Prelude to the Battle


11:00 AM Movement to Battlefield and First Stop

  • Army Leadership Attribute Character

  • Character-Foundational to Successful Leadership

  • Achieving Organizational Alignment


12:00 AM Lunch on the Battlefield


1:00 PM Movement to Stop Two

  • Army Leadership Competency Achieves

  • Speaking Truth to Power

  • Identifying your organizational Heroes


2:00 PM Movement to Stop Three

  • Army Leadership Competency Develops

  • Organizational Development

  • The Importance of Empathy


3:00 PM Day One Wrap up Discussion

Preparation for Day Two Discussion

Dismissal for Dinner


5:00 PM

Movement to Dinner Location

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