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Our Leadership Academy is a nine-month deep dive into individual leadership development.  Primarily for individuals seeking to improve their skills or organizations with no formal leadership-training program; our academy firmly places future leaders on their own path of self-development and lifelong learning.  Meeting one afternoon a month, this program combines self-assessments, classroom instruction, battlefield tours and discussions, integrated readings, and team building exercises in a manner that is minimally disruptive to one’s normal workload.  A typical academy schedule looks like:



Shiloh CS Soldiers Monument.png

Month 1             Self-assessment, leadership basics, and historical background of battlefield

Month 2-4          Battlefield tour and classroom discussion

Month 5             Character and Team Development Exercises

Month 6-8          Battlefield tour and classroom discussion

Month 9             inal assessments and self-development discussions


Each month typically explores a critical aspect of leadership, first by walking the battlefield to understand its lessons and then by tying these lessons to modern day challenges and application through dialog and discussion.  Integrated readings that address both historical and contemporary aspects of leadership precede and follow each month’s meeting.  Opportunities also exist to provide individualized mentorship between sessions to supplement formal instruction.  We designed this extended timeline to not only minimally affect one’s work schedule, but also allow for significant self-reflection and study – both critical aspects to one’s progress.


The outcome is an individual firmly rooted in proven leadership fundamentals, but also imbued with the self-awareness and skills to develop their own continued, self-development as a leader. 


Cohort sizes are small to maximize student and instructor interaction and no more than two academies will be running at any one time. 

“If leadership depends purely on seniority you are defeated before you start. You give a good leader very little and he will succeed; you give mediocrity a great deal and they will fail.”

                                           General George C. Marshall

Leadership  is a Choice...Choose to Lead!

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